Helena Varvaki – actress


EL PRINCIPIO DE ARQUÍMEDES (nominated as best actress for the 6th Botequim Cultural Award), by Josep Maria Miró, directed by Daniel Dias da Silva, 2017–2018.
THE TEMPEST, from the play by William Shakespeare, on the platform VR KinoTheater, in the Visgraf (IMPA). A research on new forms of expression combining theatre and cinema with game technologies and virtual reality, directed by Manoel Prazeres, 2017–2018.
ABRAM ALAS PARA CHIQUINHA GONZAGA, by Filomena Chiaradia, directed by Manoel Prazeres, VIII Circuito Musica Brasilis, 2017.
THE OTHER PLACE (nominated as best actress for four theater awards: 29th Shell Award, 4th Cesgranrio Award, 5th Cultural Botequim Award and 5th Cenym Award), by Sharr White, directed by Manoel Prazeres, 2016.
ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO’S NEST (best supporting actress for the 4th Cenym Award), by Dale Wasserman, directed by Bruce Gomlevsky, 2015.
DEAR ELENA SERGEEVNA, by Ludmila Razoumovskaia, directed by Isaac Bernat, 2012-2013.
O FUTURO POR METADE, inspired by Mia Couto’s homonymous conference, directed by Vitor Lemos, André Paes Leme, Oscar Saraiva and Alexandre Mello, 2012.
THE DIARY OF ANNE FRANK, by Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett, directed by Robert Castle, 2010.
A FRUTA E A CASCA, text and direction Manoel Prazeres, 2008-2009.
A ARTE DE TER RAZÃO, directed by Vitor Lemos, 2007-2008.
KSENI, multimedia opera, by Jocy de Oliveira, 2006.
NAVALHA NA CARNE, by Plínio Marcos, directed by Antonio Guedes, 2003.
ENTRE O CÉU E O INFERNO, directed by Cristina Pereira, 2002.
AS MALIBRANS, multimedia opera, by Jocy de Oliveira, 2000.
O MAIS FROUXO DOS DEUSES (nominated as best supporting actress for the Mambembe Award), directed by Flávio Desgranges, 1998.
PENÉLOPE, by Antonio Guedes and Fátima Saadi, 1995-2003.
MÃO NA LUVA, by Oduvaldo Vianna Filho, directed by Dudu Sandroni, 1998.
JÁ NÃO PENSO MAIS EM TI, directed by Marcia Rubin, 1995.
WHEN WE DEAD AWAKEN, by Henrik Ibsen, directed by Antonio Guedes, 1992.
O MONGE NIKODIM, directed by Manoel Prazeres, 1991.
VIA CRUCIS DO CORPO, directed by Manoel Prazeres, 1987.
A AURORA DA MINHA VIDA, text and direction Naum Alves de Souza, 1984.

Cinema and TV

Marta in BAILE DE MÁSCARAS (to be released), series, directed by Flávio Tambelini and Eduardo Hunter, Giros Produtora, 2017.
Neida in A ÚLTIMA CHANCE (to be released), film, by Paulo Thiago, 2016.
Denise in AQUI AO LADO, film, by Daniel Terra, 2015.
Mrs. Schnaider in FLOR DO CARIBE, soap opera, directed by Jayme Monjardim and Leandro Nogueira, TV Globo, 2013.
Neide in O CRIME E O BURGUÊS, film, by Adolfo Rosenthal, 2011.
Doctor Cristina in ARAGUAIA, soap opera, directed by Marcos Schechtman, TV Globo, 2011.
Zélia in OUR HOME: THE ASTRAL CITY, film, by Wagner de Assis, 2010.
Priscila in A CURA, soap opera, directed by Ricardo Waddington, TV Globo, 2010.
Alice in AQUI AO LADO, film, by Zhai Sichen, 2010.
Neide in FORÇA TAREFA, soap opera, directed by José Alvarenga, TV Globo, 2009.
Neide in BELEZA PURA, soap opera, directed by Rogério Gomes, TV Globo, 2008.
DEPOIS DO BIP, film, by Nathalie Felippe and Victor Cury, 2007.
Participation in BELÍSSIMA, soap opera, directed by Denise Sarraceni, TV Globo, 2006.
PENÉLOPE, film, by Célia Freitas and Helena Varvaki, 2005. The short film participated in the festivals of Curitiba, Buenos Aires, Heidelberg/Germany, Cineport-2006, Santa Maria and Florianópolis.
A ENCOMENDA, film, by Alan Minas, 2002.
Cris in ORGASMO TOTAL, film, by Luis Abramo and Celia Freitas, 1998.
NÃO ME CONDENES ANTES QUE ME EXPLIQUE, film, by Cristina Leal, 1998.
NOITE, film, by Gilberto Loureiro, 1985.

Actor’s Coach

VIDAS PARTIDAS, film, by Marcos Schechtman, 2016.
SALVE JORGE, soap opera, directed by Marcos Schechtman, TV Globo, 2012-2013.
ARAGUAIA, soap opera, directed by Marcos Schechtman, TV Globo, 2010.
CAMINHO DAS ÍNDIAS, soap opera, directed by Marcos Schechtman, TV Globo, 2008-2009.
ALTA ESTAÇÃO, soap opera, Rede Record, 2006-2007.
ANJOS DO SOL, film, by Rudi Lagemann, 2006.