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The Society aims to provide cultural services in the form of creation, production and promotion of artistic events for theater, cinema and video, exhibition and concert halls, radio and television. The Society also aims to provide technological services in the area of information technology, in the form of consultancy, technical assistance, analysis and development of programs, installation, development and maintenance of computer systems, computer networks and non-conventional telephony. Aiming at the formation, improvement or training of professionals, in the two areas of operation described above, the Society may promote courses, lectures, seminars and debates. The Society may also edit books, magazines, Internet portals, tapes, discs, films, videos and other digital or printed products that serve for entertainment, cultural enjoyment and dissemination of information in the two areas of operation described above.

(extracted from the contract of incorporation of the Society)

LMPR’s activities are performed jointly or separately by its associates Manoel Prazeres and Helena Varvaki.

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